Art of the Start

You never have to recover from a strong start.” – Peter Laviolette

There is one common habit the most successful people in any industry share – they get up earlier than everyone else.  These high achievers make significant progress on their ONE Thing before the masses turn on their Keurig machines.

In 2013, I made it a priority to learn eveything I could about what separates the high achievers from the masses.  What I learned is that the overwhelming majority of the greats in each field have developed the habit of getting up early.  They create an immediate rhythm to their day and structure everything around accomplishing their most important goal.

It is also common to hear these high achievers say they start their day by 5am.  Many mentioned that they get up, pour some organic, free trade coffee from a French press (many of the ultra rich & successful are admitted coffee snobs) and read for 10-30 minutes from positive, high value content books.  Authors such as: Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Harvey Mackay, Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, & Tom Peters are frequently mentioned.

Why do they do this?  The high value content they expose their brain to first thing in the morning orients their thought process to look for solutions, abundance, positivity, & problem solving through out their day.  This mental diet works on the same principle as how we eat.  High quality food in – High energy out.  Junk information in – Junk thought process out.

After experiencing the results of this daily ritual, I am sold.  I set the alarm for 5am each morning (admittedly, sometimes I do not get moving until 5:30am).  After pouring some dark roast coffee and doing 10 minutes of yoga, I break out 4 books and read from each one for about 5 minutes.

It is amazing how this simple process starts your brain  moving in a positive direction.  You immediately can feel the momentum of the day begin to build.  Ideas and solutions to the challenges you are working on begin to randomly pop in your head.

The results have been real and significant.  My thoughts are more positive.  My thinking more fresh.  My advice more relevant.  My perspective more BIG picture focused.  I am more inclined to see solutions as the obstacles of the day jump in front of me.

This process has led me to start a journal where I have a place capture the best ideas that jump out from those books and into my head.  This is where the momentum of my day begins.

There is an art to how you start.

– Joe Ciccarone

Damn Good Advice

Damn Good Advice

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