The BIG 3

“What seem like small or inconsequential moments accumulate rapidly.” – Tom Rath

Tom Rath has a rare genetic disease.

The sheer POWER of how he EATS, MOVES, and SLEEPS has kept his health strong.

Tom Rath is a KILLER researcher and the best selling author of the REMARKABLE book, “Eat Move Sleep”.

Tom Rath also owes me $1,500.

“Eat Move Sleep” is based on the latest 400+ articles and medical journals on the 3 topics that affect EVERYONE:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Sleep

The book is overflowing with actionable ideas.  It gives simple ways for busy people to be more ACTIVE, improve their DIET, and get more quality SLEEP.

Below is my UNBALANCED review of “Eat Move Sleep”. Read it like your life depends on it.

THE BAD NEWS: Anyone who likes to blame their “genes”, “age”, “bad knee” or another uncontrollable force for their poor health will be PISSED.


Your ailments and illnesses are more often self-inflicted than caused by genetics.  The research overwhelmingly shows, except in rare cases, YOU are in control of your health.

  • How you EAT determines your life span.
  • How you MOVE determines your energy level.
  • The quality of your SLEEP determines the quality of your life

The majority of the diseases and ailments that kick people’s asses as they age are PREVENTABLE.  People’s unhealthy HABITS are the biggest culprit that speed up their aging process.

THE GOOD NEWS: You are the problem. You are the SOLUTION.

  • Each bite of FOOD makes a difference.
  • Each step of ACTIVITY is significant.
  • Each hour of quality SLEEP “increases your odds of healthy outcomes.”

THE SECRET: Eating, sleeping, and movement are all connected.

The author’s research shows that addresing just one, while ignoring the other 2, will set you up for poor outcomes.

THE REMEDY: Make simple, positive habits routine. Incorporate these HABITS into your everyday life.

Below are 4.5 ACTIONABLE IDEAS that will create a more HEALTHY you:

1)   “Sleep longer to get more done.”

  • Get quality sleep. Go to bed earlier (even if it means not completing a task). You will be more active the next day.

2)   “30 minutes of exercise in the morning makes for better interactions all day.”

  •  Inactivity is your enemy. Be active early in the day. Walk for 30 minutes. Take the stairs. Bike. Get outside and MOVE.  This will increase your ENERGY level for the entire day.

3)   “Sugar is the new nicotine.”

  • Sugar is more ADDICTIVE than nicotine. Tired, inactive bodies crave sugar. Ditch the desserts. Eliminate processed sugar from your diet. These changes will suck for about 3 weeks. Then you will feel the difference. Then you will see the difference (in your waist line).

4)   “Broccoli is the new black.”

  •  Broccoli is a super hero. Broccoli is LOADED with cancer and disease fighting properties. If a perfect food exists, it is named broccoli. Learn to eat it!

4.5)   “Stick with coffee, tea and water”

  • Hydrate your body!  Kill your soda habit. Switch to plain coffee, tea, & water.  You will feel & see the difference.

THE COST OF GOOD HEALTH: These ideas cost me $1,500.

I incorporated these new habits.  After 6 months, I had to buck up $1,500 and buy new suits.

  • My body fat went down.
  • My energy level went up.
  • My waist shrunk.

THE TAKEAWAY:  The sum of your habits determines the quality of your life.

Being overweight, tired, and inactive is AVERAGE.

Taking control of your health is REMARKABLE.

– Joe Ciccarone

"Eat Move Sleep"

“Eat Move Sleep”






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