How to Succeed

“Fall down seven times.  Get up eight.”Japanese Proverb 

The 3.5 Keys to Success 

1) Do the Work

  • Keywords:  Start!, Plan, Jump In the Action, Learn, Grow, Make Mistakes, Get Your Ass Kicked, Adjust, Refine, Make More Mistakes, Adapt Some More, Tweak, Steal Great Ideas, Revise, Get Your Ass Kicked Again, Take Risks, Keep Learning, Grow Some More, Make Progress Each Day

2) Believe

  • Keywords: Enthusiasm, Have Faith, Positive Mindset, “No!” Means Not Yet, Embrace Change, Condition Your Mind for Success, Destroy Doubt, Visualize Success, Hang Around Successful People, Stay Away from Negative Energy, Feed Your Mind Positive Information, Find a Great Coach, Destroy Doubt, Run Away from Average

3) Perseverance

  • Keywords:  Don’t Quit, Keep Going, Develope Thick Skin, Have Balls, Smile When You Get Knocked Down, Get Back Up,  Get Back in the Action

3.5) Give Back

  • Keywords: Bring Others With You, Be a Mentor, Lead by Example, Be Generous, Be Patient, Show What “Success” Looks Like, Leave a Legacy, Be Remarkable, Make an Impact, Be Missed When You’re Gone

– Joe Ciccarone

"Positive Energy"

“Success is a Choice”

About Joe Ciccarone

Host of the “Built Not Born” podcast, Blogger ( & BJJ Black Belt. "Escape Average, Be Remarkable."
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