Simple, Not Easy

“First you make your habits, then your habits make you.” – Lucas Remmerswaal

Ever wonder why some people rock out life while others struggle through each day?

The secret of life is found in your daily habits.

Your life will be nothing more than the sum total of your daily habits.

Tom Corley wrote the book on habits.  

Tom researched hundreds of rich and poor people.

Tom was on a quest to find the reasons why some people grew up in bad neighborhoods and become millionaires, while others grew up children of privilege and ended up broke.

The differentiator?  Their DAILY HABITS.

The rich do what the poor do not.

Successful people consistently do the things that average people do not.

Daily habits are the cause.  Wealth or poverty are the result.

The AMAZING part of the research is that there are only a few daily actions, that when done consistently, separate a REMARKABLE life from an AVERAGE one.

Below are the daily habits that the author learned separated RICH from POOR.

The hundreds of successful people he studied formed these daily habits.

Almost ZERO of the 100+ POOR people he researched people did not.

The 12.5 Habits of SUCCESS:

  • 1) Write your long term goals down on paper
  • 2) Spend 30 minutes each day reading just to learn
  • 3) Read 2 or more books each month (biographies, leadership, investing)
  • 4) Listen to audiobooks while commuting
  • 5) Eat healthy (fruits, vegetables, seafood)
  • 6) Watch less than 1 hour of TV each day
  • 7) Wake up 3 hours earlier than you have to (to learn & prepare)
  • 8) Sleep at least 7 hours each night
  • 9) Save 20% of your income
  • 10) Exercise for 30 minutes, at least 4 days per week (non-walking exercise)
  • 11) Build strong relationships with like minded successful people (the poor built relationships with other poor people)
  • 12) Listen more than you speak.
  • 12.5) Have an optimistic mindset

These habits are SIMPLE, but not EASY.

As Jim Rohn said, “What is easy to do, is also easy not to do.” 

Success Idea:  Pick your favorite 6 habits.  Do them everyday for 30 days.

Watch your life evolve in a REMARKABLE direction.

When the story of your life is written, will your life be called RICH or AVERAGE?

Up to you.

– Joe Ciccarone

"Stop Bad Habits"

“The Power of Habit”

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