Lead the Way

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”- John C. Maxwell

There is a HUGE difference between being the boss and becoming the LEADER.

Bosses are many.  Leaders are few.

Leaders set the tone.  Leaders make everyone around them better.

One of the leadership secrets I’ve learned is that leaders are developed, not born.

Leadership is not given by a title or position.

Leadership is attained by INFLUENCE.

John Maxwell wrote, “Leadership is influence.  Nothing more, nothing less.”

Early in my career, my leadership skills were lacking.

  • I was not a good listener.
  • My actions were unfocused.
  • I took feedback too personally.

My influence increased as these skills developed.

I’ve had the privilege to work for some amazing leaders.  I carry a part of them with me each time I am asked to lead.

Each of those leaders possessed the same 7 skills:

  • Listened
  • Empathized
  • Asked great questions
  • Took focused action
  • Kept learning
  • Deflected praise
  • Accepted blame

The LEADERSHIP skill I need to work on is empathy.  (Just ask my wife…)

I have learned that a little empathy goes a long way.

Empathy is the pathway to trust.

When people bring you their problems, consider it a compliment.

I used to look at problems as obstacles.  Now I think of problems as opportunities:

  • To serve.
  • To influence.
  • To lead.

General Colin Powell wrote, “The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them.”

We each have unique skills to offer.

It’s time to grow our influence.  It is time to lead.

What is your vision?

What skills do you need to develop?

Who will you lead?  Where will you lead them?

Up to you…

Acting like the boss is AVERAGE.

Becoming the leader is REMARKABLE.

– Joe Ciccarone

Leaders Lead

Lead the Way

About Joe Ciccarone

Host of the “Built Not Born” podcast, Blogger (SalesVibe.net) & BJJ Black Belt. "Escape Average, Be Remarkable."
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