One More Step

“Success is on the other side of your comfort zone.” – Orrin Woodward

I was looking for an excuse to not walk into the building.

It was the last day of the year.

I needed one more sale to make the year a success.

I was running out of time & options.

I walked into the office of long time customer.

This customer had already placed what they called their “final order” 2 days before.

We even had that “Have a great holiday!” moment.

We did not think we would see each other until the Saint Patrick’s Day decorations were hanging up.

It was game time.

Fast Forward 10 minutes…

Customer (looking confused why I am standing in their doorway): “What’s up?”

Me: “Would it be possible to place 1 more order this year?”

Customer: “We did. 2 days ago.”

Me: “Thank you for that.  I was wondering if you could place another one?”

Customer: “Another one?  Um…Well..” *

*(The “Um…Well..” took about 3 seconds but felt as long as the time I tried to watch the Harry Potter movie with the kids.)

Customer: “…Sure.  I’ll call it in in 10 minutes.”

Me (trying my best not to hug him) – “Thank you!  Merry Everything!”

I disappeared from his doorway faster than Joaquin Phoenix’s acting career.

Going one more step than you thought possible takes courage.

It’s uncomfortable.

The best version of life is 1 step past your comfort zone.

This principle keeps popping up in other areas of my life.

Enter the PT Gym…

My ACL rehab is now 7 months strong.

The 2 hour PT sessions are 1 part grit, 1 part grind.

These sessions test your body & attitude.

Every few weeks the rehab evolves.

The movements get faster.  The angles cut get sharper.

The stress on your repaired knee is more intense.

Every time the PT introduces a new exercise, my comfort zone tries to hold me back.

It whispers:

  • “You’re not ready for this.”
  • “Take it easy.”
  • “Hold back.”

Our comfort zone is really our danger zone in disguise.

Our biggest mistakes don’t happen when we hustle and fail.

They happen when we sit back and hide.

The first step of any journey is the most important.

But that extra step you take when you think you can go no further is the GAME CHANGER.

Taking one more step leads you to the magic.

You reach places you never thought you could go.

The extra step creates ENERGY.

That energy flows to all areas of your life.

Tony Robbins said, “There are no failures, only results.”

Our best results are found 1 step out of our comfort zone.

What area of your life needs more effort?

Where do you need to take one more step?

Time to get uncomfortable…

Comfort zones keep you AVERAGE.

Going 1 step further leads to REMARKABLE.

-Joe Ciccarone

About Joe Ciccarone

Host of the “Built Not Born” podcast, Blogger ( & BJJ Black Belt. "Escape Average, Be Remarkable."
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8 Responses to One More Step

  1. So true Joe and again congrats on your well-earned success!

  2. MVF says:

    Another article worth forwarding along. Nice work JC.

  3. Rob Halfpenny says:

    So true. I am going to show that to my sales team.

  4. Pete Williams says:

    Joe, A great read before the day starts. Thanks for this.

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